Once upon a time, there was a small but ambitious video site called that catered to businesses. It was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs who saw a gap in the market and decided to fill it. They knew that video was a powerful tool for businesses, but most video platforms were designed for personal use, not professional use.

So they set out to create a platform that would cater specifically to businesses. They wanted to make it easy for businesses to create, upload, and share videos that would help them reach their target audience and achieve their goals. And they wanted to make it fun and engaging too.

That's where TK came in. TK was the mascot of He was a cute and cuddly creature with big eyes and a friendly smile. He was designed to be the face of the platform, the one who would guide businesses through the process of creating and sharing videos.

TK was born in a brainstorming session. The team wanted a mascot that would embody the spirit of the platform – creative, friendly, and easy to use. They went through several designs and concepts, but none of them felt quite right. Then one of the designers doodled a cute creature with big eyes and a friendly smile, and everyone loved it.

They named him TK, short for Takatoor, and he quickly became the heart and soul of the platform. He appeared on the homepage, in emails, and on social media. He even had his section of the website where businesses could learn more about him and his role in the platform.

TK was more than just a mascot, though. He was a symbol of the platform's commitment to helping businesses succeed through video. He was a reminder that video didn't have to be intimidating or complicated – it could be fun and easy too.

Over time, TK became beloved by the community. Businesses would send in pictures of themselves with TK, and some even created their versions of him. He became a source of inspiration and creativity, and he helped businesses achieve their goals through the power of video.

But Takatoor was not just about the mascot. He was also a small creature who went on a journey to find the best product on Takatoor knew that his customers trusted him to provide them with the highest quality and most unique products, and he took his job very seriously.

After many hours of searching, Takatoor stumbled upon a small business that produced handmade pottery. The products were beautiful, unique, and of the highest quality. Takatoor knew he had found the perfect product.

He immediately added the pottery to's selection of products. The business quickly became a hit, and customers from all over the world ordered their beautiful handmade pottery.

Takatoor was overjoyed with his success. He had found the perfect product and had helped a small business grow. He knew that his journey had been worth it and that he had fulfilled his mission.

From that day on, Takatoor continued to search for the best products on He knew that his website had the power to change lives and help businesses grow, and he was proud to be a part of it. TK continued to be the face of the platform, inspiring businesses to create engaging videos that would help them succeed. And together, Takatoor and TK made a great team, driving the success of the website and the businesses it served.


The premier online video resource for local businesses


• Find the products & services you need quickly & easily

• See a video introduction to businesses in which you are interested

• Look before you commit & make more informed purchase decisions

Get special promos and/or coupons that are currently available



• Video is a powerful way to show your business to its full advantage. Today’s savvy customers will look for you online and compare your services.

• Using video will likely give you an edge over your competitors.

• Your video won’t get lost in non-business websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo

• You can give demonstrations on how to use your product, answer common customer questions and offer testimonials

• Post your sales promotions, specials, and coupons

If you don’t have your own, Takatoor can offer professional videos at competitive pricing starting at $250




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