• Find the products & services you need quickly & easily
  • See a video introduction to businesses in which you are interested
  • Look before you commit & make more informed purchase decisions
  • Get special promos and/or coupons that are currently available


  • Video is a powerful way to show your business to its full advantage. Today’s savvy customer will look for you online and compare your services.
  • Using video will likely give you an edge over your competitors.
  • Your video won’t get lost in non-business websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo
  • You can give demonstrations on how to use your product, answer common customer questions and offer testimonials
  • Post your sales promotions, specials and coupons
  • If you don’t have your own, Takatoor can offer professional videos at competitive pricing starting at $250

Video Pricing

Since our videos are custom to your business only, our quotes are based on your unique requirements.  Send us an email with your request & we will contact you to discuss the details & provide you a competitive quote.

Fill out the contactUs…..   the request form will have what info they need to provide us. 

Tips for Videos:

Writing a script for Brand video

  1. Open w/ problem- Why they are on your website
  2. Frame product w/ your solution
  3. Outline 3-5 key poi’s
  4. Social proof ( reviews, testimonials) show usage of product
  5. Call to Action

How do you grab someone's attention in a video?

Here are a few techniques that stimulate that RAS filter in your viewers’ brain, to get them hooked on your content:

  1. Get your point across as soon as possible. If viewers don’t know why you want them to watch the video, they’ll switch off. …
  2. Inspire emotion. …
  3. Demonstrate contrast. …
  4. Don’t go for something familiar.



What Is a Thumbnail?

A thumbnail is a clickable, visual icon that represents the content of a YouTube video. Thumbnails are used on every YouTube video, and are considered a major factor in a video’s click-through-rate and views.

Why Are Thumbnails Important?

According to YouTube, 90% of top-performing videos use a custom thumbnail. That’s no coincidence.


That’s because YouTube viewers rely on thumbnails to help them decide what videos to watch. In fact, it’s no exaggeration to say that your thumbnail can make or break your entire video.

Unfortunately, making a thumbnail that stands out isn’t easy.

After all, your video is competing with thousands of other videos… many of which also use custom thumbnails.

That’s where these thumbnail best practices come into play. They’re designed to help you easily create thumbnails that get noticed and clicked on.

Best Practices

Use Lots of Contrast

Contrast is when colors and visual elements stand out from one another:

In most everyday pictures, too much contrast can make an image look unnatural and off putting.

But when it comes to thumbnails, you want to use lots of contrast. Why? High-contrast images are more noticeable than low-contrast images.

For example, take a look at these two thumbnails:

The thumbnail on the left has very little contrast.

On the other hand, the thumbnail on the right uses a ton of contrast. The colors all have a strong contrast. Also, visual elements (like icons and text) stand out from one another.

Which one are you more likely to notice?

Use Consistent Layout and Colors:

Do your best to use thumbnails with a consistent look and feel. This helps establish your channel’s branding and positioning.

For example, the Backlinks YouTube channel uses a consistent thumbnail color scheme and layout:

Also, consistent thumbnails help your videos stand out on the YouTube homepage and in the Suggested Video sidebar.

As you can see, when a group of videos from the same channel are shown together, they form a pattern. This pattern catches your eye compared to a random group of mismatched thumbnails.

Add Graphics:

Adding graphics to your thumbnail can help people understand what your video is about.

For example, this thumbnail includes an image of a phone and the Instagram logo. That way, users can see at a glance that this video is about: instagram.

You can also use graphics to make your video stand out. For example, you’ve probably noticed that lots of video thumbnails today use arrows and circles:

Some people consider using graphics like this clickbait. That said, as long as you deliver on the promise of your thumbnail and title, YouTube has no problem with attention-grabbing graphics.

Use a Color Scheme That Stands Out

As you may have noticed, YouTube uses three main colors on theIf your thumbnail uses lots of white, red and black it’s going to be hard for your thumbnail to stand out.

Of course, you’re free to use white, red and black in your thumbnail (many big YouTubers do). But you don’t want them to make up your thumbnail’s primary colors.

Instead, try using these colors in your thumbnail:

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Blue

For example, the BULL1TRC channel tends to use thumbnails with lots of yellow and orange.

Try Some Text

Text is a great way to add some context to your thumbnail. Ideally, someone should understand your video’s topic without needing to read the title.

This is tricky to pull off with an image alone

But with some text, you can easily convey your video’s topic from within your thumbnail:

Here are some tips for adding text to your YouTube thumbnails

  • Use Huge Text: Your thumbnail is really, really small (especially on mobile). So make sure that your text is easy to read on all devices.
  • Here’s a great example from Evan Carmichael’s channel:
  • A Little Bit Goes a Long Way:
  • Too much text can overpower the visuals in your thumbnail. Stick to 20 characters or less.
  • Text Doesnt Have to Be Your Title: A common mistake is using your title as your thumbnail text. Instead, use a short word or phrase that summarizes your video content. For example, this video’s full title is: “Making Money as a Beginner Photographer – How to book your first photoshoot!”. Instead of cramming all that text into his thumbnail, Sheldon summarized his video’s topic in 3 words:

The Marketing Impact of Video in Email:

Put simply, video is great for engagement. Videos in email can increase open rates by 19% and boost click through rates by as much as 65%. One of the main reasons for this is that video creates a human connection, and that’s vital for a modern marketing strategy.

It’s the same for every small business and every industry—customers buy brands, not products. In order to create an engaged and loyal customer base, your small business needs to share its brand values. Video makes this easy to accomplish. Along with creating connections, video gives customers the interactive, person-based marketing experience they now crave.

The great thing about video is that it can boost the response rate of all email types, including:

  • Welcome emails to new customers through WiFi logins, pop-ups, or POS
  • Engagement emails to serve content
  • Specific sales emails requiring a CTA (Call to Action).

Combining the power of video-boosted emails with great customer email data will send your response rates sky-high.

6 Ways Video Can Boost Your Email Response Rates:

Here are some great ways to use video to boost your email response rates:

1. Personalizes your emails

Personalization always has better results than dull, generic emails. That’s because it makes customers feel valued and understood. You’re also much more likely to achieve better response rates if you send customers an email offering something they actually want, so segmenting based on quality customer data is essential. Using video to amplify this personalization will improve response rates, providing an extra humanizing effect to persuade and inspire authority.

Video is particularly beneficial in emails where you need action from the customer. For example, a sales promotion or call-to-action asking them to contact you following an initial email capture.

2. Increases trust in your business brand

Email marketing is a perfect way to both contact new customer leads and nurture new email addresses you may have. But it’s always a challenge to achieve immediate trust in your brand over competitors. While social media platforms such as Instagram are important for this, combining great video content with email marketing is an essential tool to increase trust in your business brand and highlight brand values.

As well as ‘selling’ your business, you’ll be able to give your recipient value through video with tips, product reviews, and general information. Your business will appear authoritative and likeable, boosting the likelihood that your customers will act on your CTA.


3. Targets different areas of your sales funnel

Email always has a better response rate with targeted segmentation, and video can boost this effect. Combining customer insight data with video content in an email will let you target specific customer segments that are in different places in your funnel.

For example, for top funnel customers generated through channels such as guest WiFi or ‘contact us’ forms, video content can be sent that gets their attention, piquing their interest to carry on a conversation with your brand and help push them through the funnel.

For customers who are deeper into the funnel, longer and more educational or explainer videos can be sent tailored to their needs and preferences. These customers will already know and align with your brand, so these videos can focus on engagement and loyalty creation.

4. Makes it easy to convey your brand’s personality

While segmenting and targeting are vital in email, it’s also important to share your brand’s personality in your communications. Brand personality and values allow you to stand out from your competitors before your new customers develop a brand relationship with you, so it’s essential to get it right.

Use emails to share attention-grabbing videos that demonstrate what differentiates your business. Include behind-the-scenes clips, moments with employees, and even user-generated content to give your videos some extra content magic. Keeping your brand values and personality central to your marketing will foster engagement and loyalty, so don’t be tempted to skip this.

5. Helps you test, measure, and optimize your email marketing

It’s likely that you’ll see an instant response uplift when you use video in your email marketing. But even better, using video in emails allows you to test, measure, and optimize each and every part of your campaign. You’ll be able to test each element of a video within every segment, giving you the tools to create stellar content that generates stand-out ROI and response.

Along with viewing rates, you’ll be able to test video elements compared with conversion rates and CTA response. All of this data will give you the tools to create insight-optimized emails that work every time, giving your small business the response rates you need to drive profit and engagement

6. Allows you to drive immediate customer action

Video content in email has the power to drive immediate customer behavior. Embedding a video into your email for your customer to watch immediately isn’t usually the best option for a couple of reasons. Restraints are often put in place by email providers and video playback often isn’t great on mobile.

This actually gives you a great opportunity to drive and inspire immediate action in your customer, moving them out of their inbox and into a direction you provide to move along your sales funnel. Creating a clearly viewed CTA combined with an embedded video thumbnail will guide your customer to a specific landing page.



Put simply, video marketing content in email is a great way to increase email response rates for your business. Along with allowing you to share your brand personality and values in an engaging way, video in email has the power to be personalized and drive immediate action, and it can be actively tested.